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Photograph by unknown
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Avro Vulcan B1A XH503 awaiting disposal at RAF St Athan circa 1967. From this angle, it is not always too easy to tell the difference between a B1A and a B2 of that period.

On the B2 (lower):

  1. the pitot heads have been moved from the wing-tips to the fuselage,
  2. the nosewheel is shorter (no nose-up attitude),
  3. the intake between the engine intakes and the nose-wheel door port side has been deleted,
  4. the intakes are larger though the first 10 B2s XH533-539 XH554-556 retained the shallower Mk1 intakes (the financiers refused to pay the £30000 per aircraft to incorporate the modification),
  5. the main undercarriage oleos are redesigned though not obvious here.

© Paul Hartley collection/Nigel Corrigan

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