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Photograph by unknown
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It's amazing what turns up in car boot sales! This fading Agfacolor half-frame slide was picked up at a boot sale at Popham for 20 pence and donated to 'Vulcans in Camera'. Colour photographs of B1A Vulcans are rare which makes the image a very welcome addition. This aircraft is XH482 of the Waddington Wing though it appears that it and the other aircraft pictured are awaiting disposal. This would make the location/date St Athan circa 1967.

482 was the first B1 delivered to No 617 Squadron at Scampton in May 1958. In August 1961, 617 reequpped with B2 Blue Steels and 617's B1/B1As reformed as No 50 Squadron at Waddington. 482 was converted to a B1A in 1962 serving subsequently with No 101 Squadron before being pooled into the Waddington Wing. 482 was delivered to St Athan in October 1966 and scrapped in September 1968.

© Paul Hartley collection.

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