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Photograph by Tony Coles
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Avro Vulcan B2 XH557 of the Waddington Wing at Goose Bay in July 1967. 557 entered RAF service on the Cottesmore Wing as late as December 1965 having been the first aircraft with wider intakes and being fitted in turn with 1, 2 then 4 Olympus 301s at Patchway/Filton and serving with MoA.  It replaced a B1A on the Waddington Wing in February 1966. 

Tony Coles remembers: "I remember that it was a Waddington aircraft which had arrived from Offutt and was unserviceable.  The captain was the Station Commander, a somewhat impatient type who promptly commandeered another Waddington aircraft which was there on a Goose Ranger and roared off to Waddington  in it leaving the hapless crew to amuse themselves while they waited for 557 to be fixed."

© Tony Coles.

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