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Photograph by Tony Coles
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Avro Vulcan B2 Blue Steel XL444 of the Scampton Wing at RAF Gan in 1964. 444 is homebound from a 'Blue-Ranger'. These were delivery trips of Blue Steel missiles from the UK to Edinburgh Field in Australia for firing trials.

Tony Coles remembers: "The standard route out was Scampton - El Adem - Khormaksar - Gan - Tengah - Darwin - Edinburgh Field.  The return route substituted Butterworth for Tengah. I understand 'trouble four' became its nickname.  It certainly gave us trouble on that Blue Ranger.  We were U/S outbound at Khormaksar for three days with an 'A' breaker change (an alternator had failed on the descent).  Then at Darwin, outbound, were stuck for a week with a U/S AAPP (auxiliary airborne power pack - the 'Rover').  It was suggested we do the short hop to Edinburgh Field without it, but it would not have been with me on board."

© Tony Coles.

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