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Three Avro Vulcan B2s, XH561, XJ825 and XM571 being converted to K2 [originally designated B2(K)] single-point tanker standard at Woodford in 1982. 561 was the first of six aircraft to be converted to the new standard. Before conversion, 561 had been operated by No 50 Squadron at RAF Waddington though the badge of its previous squadron, No 35, can be made out on the fin. 561 was flown to Woodford in May 1982. 825 had been operated by No 27 Squadron in the MRR role until April 1981 and was then used as a B2 (TFR restored) firstly by No 35 Squadron at Scampton (till March 1982) and then by 101 Squadron at Waddington. In May 1982 it was flown to Woodford for conversion. 571 had previously been flown by No 101 and it too departed for Woodford in May 1982. Six Vulcans were hurredly converted to K2s in 1982 to replace Victor K2 tankers that were deployed for the Falkland's conflict. The two Nimrods at the rear of the assembly hall are MR2s XV252 and XV257, possibly being fitted with in-flight refuelling probes, again for the Falkland's. Has the probe from 571 been robbed for a Nimrod or is it simply being refurbished?

© BAE Systems. Courtesy Ian Lowe at Woodford.

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