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Photograph by Peter Middlebrook
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Avro Vulcan B1A XA912 of the Waddington Wing in September 1964. 912 was was the penultimate of the first contract of 25 B1s ordered in 1952. It first flew in October 1957 and was delivered to No 101 Squadron at RAF Finningley in December 1957. It was converted to B1A standard in 1960. 101 Squadron moved to RAF Waddington in June 1961 and with Nos 44(R) and 50 Squadrons formed the Waddington B1A Wing into which all the aircraft were pooled for centralised servicing. When surplus to requirements, 912 was retired to St Athan and sold for scrap in May 1968.

Peter Middlebrook remembers:

"This photo of 912 was taken on one of the many pans on the eastern side of the airfield where most of the aircraft were parked. The occasion was the annual Battle of Britain display, and I obviously had some duty over there and took this shot."

© Peter Middlebrook.

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