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Photograph by Peter Middlebrook
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Avro Vulcan B1As XH479 and XH478 of the Waddington Wing at RNAS Brawdy in February 1965. Brawdy was one of a number of airfields provided with an operational readyness platform (ORP) for the dispersed V-bomber fleet. Brawdy had provision for two aircraft. Other RNAS airfields with bomber ORPs were Yeovilton and Lossiemouth.

Delivered as a B1 in March 1958 (Squadron uncertain), 479 was converted to B1A standard in 1961. After service on the Waddington Wing, it was transferred to Halton in June 1967 becomming 7974M. It was scrapped in July 1973.

478 was delivered as a B1 in March of 1958 and retained by the Ministry of Aviation for in-flight refuelling trials and 'Orange Putter' rearward-looking radar trials at Boscombe Down. 478 was converted to a B1A in 1962 and saw RAF service on the Waddington Wing. After it had been retired from the Wing, 478 was used for further trials at Boscombe Down before being flown to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus circa 1969 and used as an instructional airframe (8047M).

© Peter Middlebrook.

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