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Photograph by Gordon 'Mac' McMurray
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Avro Vulcan B1A, thought to be XH482, at Goose Bay in January 1964. 'Mac' McMurray remembers:

"We used to 'liase' with the USAF units in those days, to the mutual enjoyment of all! There were some memorable nights - we used to bring a keg over from UK to break the ice so to speak, though the Americans never quite took to it, preferring their 'Buds' and what have you. I remember the line of KC-135s and the hangers full of F-102s (they may have been 106s by 1963/4). We never got to fly in them of course but I did 'pole' the Dagger simulator briefly. They were great days."

© Gordon 'Mac' McMurray.

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