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Photograph by David Taylor
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Avro Vulcan B1 XA894 at the Farnborough Air Show in 1962. Trials Vulcan 894 was delivered to Filton to become the flying test bed for the Bristol Siddeley BOl22R (Olympus 320) turbojet destined for the TSR2. Developed from the Olympus 301 (Mk 2 Vulcan) and fitted with an afterburner, the Olympus 22R had a troubled development that resulted in XA894 being destroyed on the ground and initial TSR2 flights with barely flightworthy engines. The Olympus 593 as fitted to the Concorde was a further development and has proven very reliable. 894 was in natural finish - the white starboard undercarriage door was probably robbed from another aircraft.

Copyright © David Taylor.

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