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Photograph by Ray Massey
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Vulcan B2 XM612 of the Cottesmore Wing on static display in January 1966 at the opening of the new airport at Auckland, New Zealand. The other aircraft in the detachment, XM650, participated in the flying display. Both aircraft were fitted with a Bristol-Siddeley carrier in the bomb-bay that held a spare Olympus 301 engine. One of the captains on the detachment was Maurice Biggs of No 230 OCU. He recalls:

The whole circus continued round the world by the way of America. On one leg I and another captain FL Downs flew from Hickham AFB Honolulu to Travis AFB in 3.55 hours. The local press picked this up and reported our supersonic dash from Hickham. Our publicity man was rapidly talked out of correcting his mistake. The next day the aircraft was subject to some degree of interest by people on the station. One looking into the bomb bay asked what the engine was doing in the bomb day. On being told we used it for the supersonic dash. He went away quite happy!

Copyright © Ray Massey.

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