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Photograph by Tony Regan
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Avro Vulcan B2 XM609 of the Waddington Wing at Offutt AFB in May 1969. Tony Regan remembers:

"We had been to Saufley NAS Pensacola. We got back to the Goose when XM603, en-route to March AFB, lost an engine at Offutt. We were detailed to go to Offutt, give them 609 and wait. It was Armed Forces' Day so we had to dress in our finery and answer questions. The Vulcan that did the display was from 617 Squadron with BS training round. When we left Offutt on the Tuesday, the co screwed up the approach into Goose Bay. It was declared a 'white out' and we were diverted to Gander. The tanks were dry as we had IFF trouble and air traffic kept us at FL10 all the way. We left Gander the next day and arrived home after 16 days."

609 acquired a 'Trojan Helmet' badge on the fin at Saufley. Resident USN squadrons flew the T-28 Trojan at the time that may account for the design.

© Tony Regan

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