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Photograph by David Usher
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Avro Vulcan B1 XH498 of No 617 Squadron in October 1959 at Wellington Airport. During the display, 498 touched down short, damaged its undercarriage and subsequently crash landed at RNZAF Ohakea. David Usher remembers:

'I was one of the sightseers at the official opening of Wellington Airport, and happened to catch the Vulcan bomber on Kodachrome as it went past. The B&W photo of XH498 on your site clearly shows the port undercarriage tilted back, but mine does not. Maybe it came around for another attempt and was damaged then, I really cannot remember. However, I do remember being sprayed with jet fuel, presumably from the broken fuel line, as we were all very close to the landing line. It was only later that I realized how grateful we should all have been that the pilot did not attempt to land, but instead took off at full throttle and went to Ohakea.'

© David Usher

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