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Photograph by Stewart Oxborough
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Avro Vulcan B1A XH480 of the Waddington Wing at RAF Luqa circa 1966. XA910 is in the background. 480 was delivered as a B1 to No 83 Squadron at Waddington in April 1958. When 83 Squadron reformed with B2s at Scampton in 1960, 480 remained at Waddington forming No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron before being pooled into the Waddington Wing. It was converted to B1A standard in 1962. In November 1966, 480 was retired to St Athan and sold as scrap in 1968.

Stewart Oxborough remembers: 'My memory is not what it used to be but I seem to recall it was 480 that was in the hangar at Waddo for ages after the wing tip was hit while it was being towed. Went into a bright yellow JCB but the crew chief and driver did not realise it was so near. By the time the rear facing lookouts on the tugmaster saw it  - too late. While in the hanger it was put on jacks and one weekend one of the jacks failed. The locking collar had not been turned down and as the aircraft toppled it fell off the jack - which promptly damaged the wing. Still have memories of manually jacking up the Vulcan to the cry of "Up a penn" - the universal measurement used by the mechanics at the time. '

Copyright © Stewart Oxborough

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