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This is Violet Club, the interim megaton weapon that was briefly deployed in the late 1950s. The casing was a Blue Danube. The Blue Danube centre section was modified to carry a .5MT Green Grass U235 fission warhead — one of the largest pure-fission warheads ever constructed. Because Violet Club fell short of OR1136, the operational requirement for a megaton weapon, it had some severe handling restrictions. The few that were assembled were allocated to Vulcans at RAF Finningley and RAF Scampton. Subsequently, the Green Grass warheads were removed from Violet Clubs and incorporated into more-developed Yellow Sun Mk1s. The Green Grass warhead was never tested. Externally it was similar to Green Bamboo, a boosted fission device that was not tested either. Scientists based their calculations on the successful detonation of a warhead called Orange Herald (small), shown (lower) in a Blue Danube centre section, a lightweight warhead designed for the Blue Streak Missile.

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