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Britain's first atomic bomb, the 10000lb Blue Danube, was delivered to the Bomber Command Armaments School at RAF Wittering in 1953. It was 24ft 2in long and 5ft 2in in diameter. Blue Danube's fins extended after dropping so that it could be carried inside the bomb bays of Valiants, Vulcans and Victors. This huge bomb was, in reality, obsolete before it was delivered which resulted in a limited production run. Blue Danube was supplemented with US Mk-5 atomic bombs in 1958, pending the introduction of smaller tactical atomic bombs and strategic megaton weapons. The Blue Danube casing was used for megaton warhead tests (Operation Grapple and Operations Grapple - X, Y & Z). The casing was also used for an interim megaton weapon called Violet Club. The small photograph shows a dummy Blue Danube being loaded onto a Vulcan B1. Stockpiled weapons were dark olive green in colour. The main photo is probably of an inert round as it shows no colour bands.

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