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Avro Blue Steel Mk1 training round W103A being loaded onto Vulcan B2 Blue Steel XM571 of the Scampton Wing. The operational Blue Steel Mk1 was 35ft long and had a span of 13ft. It was powered by a Bristol Siddeley Stentor rocket engine fuelled with kerosene and high-test peroxide (HTP) of 20000lb thrust. Weighing 15000lb, it had a range of 100 miles when released at high-level and about 30 miles when released at low-level. It used the same Red Snow warhead as Yellow Sun Mk2. The RAF received 57 operational rounds (W105), 16 training rounds (W103A), and a number of pre-production rounds capable of being launched (W100A) for familiarisation purposes. Blue Steel was introduced in 1961, it became fully operational in 1964 and was withdrawn in 1970. It armed three Vulcan squadrons at Scampton and two Victor squadrons at Wittering.

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