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Photograph by Andy Leitch
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Avro Vulcan B1 XA901 was broken up at RAF Cranwell in 1972. The engine is a Bristol Olympus 101. 901 was delivered with Olympus 101s with 11000lb thrust. Before deliveries commenced, Bristols anticipated that the first Vulcan B1 deliveries would be with the Olympus 101, being replaced in production and by retrofit with the improved Olympus 3. In the event, uprating the Vulcan B1 engines took another route by evolving the 101. The improved 102 of 12000lb thrust which soon replaced it in production (XA904 onwards) had an extra LP compressor stage and trimmers in the jet pipe. By raising the turbine entry temperature enabled even more power of 13500lb thrust (104). This was achieved by the use of redesigned burners and turbines. 102s were modified to the later 104 standard during overhaul. The Olympus 104 had the same take-off power as the proposed Olympus 3. Though many texts state that most 101-engined B1s were ultimately reengined with 104s, it appears that this may not have been the case. The engine above is confirmed as a 101 by its enormous intake bullet, once described as 'the biggest heated pitot in the world.' This feature demonstrates why the Olympus had so much development potential. By reducing the size of the bullet and internal spool diameter, air mass through the engine could be increased without a significant (if any) increase in external diameter.
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