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Photograph by Ian Howat
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Avro Vulcan B1 XA892 (7746M) at the RAF School of Technical Training, RAF Halton in 1971. 892 was the fourth production B1, first flying in November 1955 with Olympus 101 engines. In common with all early B1s, 892 was finished in silver and remained so during its career of manufacturer's and A&AEE trials. 892 was used for the flight clearance of Blue Danube (1957), conventional bombs and practice bombs. It also participated in a navigational assessment (1958) and rear crew escape trials (1959). Circa Apr 1962, 892 became maintenance airframe 7746M and used for ground instruction at Halton until it was scrapped in July 1971. 892 does not have the dorsal VHF aerial as retrofitted to RAF B1s and possibly relied upon its original TR 1934/1935 2 x 10-channel VHF installation with the VHF aerial under the fin tip. Ian Howat remembers:

"They cut up at least two [Vulcans] when I was there. One of them went up in spectacular fashion when the scrapman cut into the structure with a torch and very soon it was a just a pile of grey ash."

© Ian Howat. This photograph first appeared on Airliners.Net >>

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