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Photograph by Maggie Leitch
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Avro Vulcan B2 XM598 of No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron at the RAF Museum's collection at RAF Cosford in 2001. Though in need of a respray, 598's condition seems good in spite of being stored outside. An attempt to prevent water ingress into the cabin has resulted in some tape being applied between the canopy and the windscreens. 598 was delivered to 12 Squadron in 1963 and absorbed into the Coningsby Wing which moved to Cottesmore the following year. In 1968, 598 was transferred to the Waddington Wing and when squadron servicing was reintroduced, it flew with all the squadrons ending up on 44(R) in 1982. 598 was one of 18 Vulcans fitted with the 'complete' Skybolt attachment points (double front attachment points, rear attachment point and coolant blister) which was the reason why it was selected to be modified for Operation Black Buck during the Falkland's campaign. Note the underwing pylon upon which a pair of Shrike AGMs could be fitted. 598 was used as a reserve.

Copyright © Maggie Leitch.

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