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Photograph by Peter Quicke
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The remains of Avro Vulcan B2 XL384 at RAF Scampton in March 1992. 384 had been damaged in a heavy landing in August 1971 and was declared Cat 3R - ie repairable by RAF MU. Later it was declared Cat 4 - ie repairable by manufacturer. The repairs were abandoned in January 1975 and 384 was declared Cat 5 - scrap - and no doubt robbed for spares. In March 1976, 385 was allocated the maintenance serial 8505M and used as an escape trainer. In January 1981, 384 was transferred to crash rescue training as 8670M. Note the line of training aircraft in the background - Scampton was then the home of Central Flying School.

Copyright © Peter Quicke. Will Parker collection.

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