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Photograph by Bruce Woodruff
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Avro Vulcan B2 bomb-bay with two drum tanks and seven thousand-pounders. This was about as heavy as a Vulcan could get with a disposable bomb-bay load of around 23000 lb: fuel 16000lb and bombs 7000b. With an empty weight of, say, 113000 lb and internal fuel of 72400 lb (98%), takeoff weight would come in at around 204000 lb (allowing a bit for start and taxi) which was about the max permitted all-up weight if memory serves. Typical training sorties were fuelled to '98 plus 5', ie 98% internal plus 5000 in the bomb-bay resulting in a more comfortable takeoff weight of around 190000 lb. Note the three LP fuel pumps located on each tank. The recessed saddle tanks (known as 'As and Es) held 5500 lb each and had four pumps, two on each side. When selected 'on', the bomb-bay fuel tanks delivered a higher pressure than the pumps in the main tanks thus ensuring the bomb-bay tanks emptied first.

Copyright © Bruce Woodruff.

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