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Lawrence Braithwaite (LJB) was a crew chief during the 60s and 70s and has donated this gallery and a considerable number of photographs that feature in other galleries. Since retiring from the RAF (having served almost 40 years, 17+ of which were on the "V" force) LJB's life has not been without some life changing experiences. Being diagnosed as "Gender Dysphoric" at the age of 59 is, to say the least quite daunting and can be read about here >>.

He is now she as far as that is possible. She is a "Transfemale" or "Transsexual Person". Her name is Lynne Janine Braithwaite and very happy to be so: "In a strange way my new life is very akin to being a crew chief! One walks along a narrow path, albeit very different paths. As a crew chief you were the only SNCO risking your neck with five officers and yet having the respect (hopefully) of all the 'techies'. My new path is between male and female, understanding both very well and just as hazardous."


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