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Photograph ish)by L Braithwaite
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The nav panel on XH558 in 1992. 558's history (B2 -> B2 MRR -> K2 -> B2 ish) ensured that the aircraft was by no means standard and that is reflected in the navigation panel. Using the red abandon aircraft light as a reference, the controls and indicators above, below and to the left of the light are those of the navigator radar. The lower right controller is that of the Collins HF SSB and above it is the IFF/SSR controller, both of which were the responsibility of the AEO. Bottom centre is the Decca Doppler controller which replaced Green Satin. To its right is the ground position indicator. The two boxes above the Doppler are the heading reference system. To the left of the IFF/SSR and obscured by the lamp stem is the Tacan controller and indicator. To the right of the abandon aircraft lamp is the ground speed selector unit and to the right of that some miscellaneous switches and warning lamps. This leaves the the two grey controllers around which the other boxes have been rearranged. These are the Loran controllers as fitted to B2 MRRs.

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Additional information courtesy Nige C.

© L Braithwaite.

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