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Photograph by Gary Spoors
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Avro Vulcan B2 XM569 being broken up at Cardiff Airport. Delivered as a B2 Blue Steel, 569 was rerolled to the free-fall role before saddle bomb-bay tanks were delivered and ultimately received drum tanks. The gloss paint is non-standard and was probably applied at the museum. Gary Spoors photographer and present co-owner of 569's nose section remembers:

"My partner in crime is a guy called Dave Price; we both currently work for BA as engineers. We bought the bulk of the airframes from, and did the scrapping at the now defunct Cardiff Wales Air Museum. Originally we had a buyer for 569 as a complete aircraft; he had a budget of 100k to buy her from us and transport her to a night club or something. But Dave and I surveyed the aircraft and she was so badly corroded that we couldn't even open the engine doors! At that point we invited Southend [XL426] and Wellesbourne [XM655] to come and take what they needed for their own aircraft, prior to scrapping. Supervising Dave Price is Barry Parkhouse of Parkhouse Aviation. He broke the Abingdon Vulcan [XH537] so was recruited for his expertise in removing the landing gear. 569's nose is currently at Staverton in Gloucestershire [right]. It will be at this year's [2003] 100th Anniversary of Flight at Fairford, and will be stripped and repainted before the event."

Copyright © Gary Spoors

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