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Photograph by Dick Clements
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Vulcan B2 XM569 seen at Waddington in 1982. The first Vulcan with an XM serial number, XM569 had 200-series engines (201, later 202) and was initially delivered as a Mk 2 Blue Steel in February 1963 to No 27 Squadron and subsequently absorbed by the Scampton Wing. Converted to free-fall in 1966, 569 reenteed service with the Waddington Wing until exchanged with Cottesmore in January 1968. The Wing moved to RAF Akrotiri in 1969. In July 1974, 569 was transferred to 27 Squadron at Scampton (still a B2) but returned to Waddington in November 1976 serving with all four squadrons till it was sold to the Wales Aircraft Museum in 1983. Sadly the aircraft was somewhat neglected and now only the nose survives.

Copyright © Dick Clements

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