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Photograph by Dick Clements
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Vulcan B2 XL426 of No 50 Squadron at the Mildenhall Air Fete in May 1983. The red Day-glo markers on the wing were used for in-flight refuelling trials. As a B2 Blue Steel, 426 was delivered to No 83 Squadron in September 1962 and was merged into the Scampton Wing shortly thereafter. After conversion to free-fall in 1969, 426 returned to the Scampton Wing. From April 1972, 426 was operated (mainly) by No 617 Squadron until January 1982 when it transferred to No 50 Squadron at Waddington. From April 1984, 426 was the prime aircraft in the Vulcan Display Team, initially at Waddington and then at Marham (No 55 Squadron). Replaced by XH558, 426 was offered for sale, sold privately and flown to Southend. In 1993 after a cash crisis, 426 was purchased by what became the Vulcan Restoration Trust who lovingly preserve the aircraft with hopes to bring it back to the skies.

Copyright © Dick Clements.

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