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Avro Vulcan B2 Blue Steel XM572 of the Scampton Wing circa 1964. It is worth noting that the first batch of Blue Steel aircraft delivered to the RAF (XL317-321, XL359-361 all to 617 Squadron) were fitted with in-flight refuelling probes from new. Only the first of the second batch (XL392 to No 83 Squadron) was fitted with a probe and subsequent deliveries of new-build BS aircraft were probe-less (like 572 above) and had to be retrofitted. When this photograph was taken, 572 had recently been camouflaged and pooled into the Scampton Wing (it had originally been delivered to No 83 Squadron in February 1963). The early gloss camouflage scheme can be identified by the fuzzy demarkation between the green and grey paint. The camouflage line around the tailcone and the Red Steer rearward-looking radar radome is unusual.

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