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The remains of Vulcan B2 Blue Steel XL385 of the Scampton Wing in April 1967 on runway 05 at Scampton. All that can be readily recognised is the front fuselage, the engines and jet pipes, and the two stainless steel bomb-bay tanks. Note how the forward 'A' bomb-bay tank was not fitted at the front of the bomb-bay (aligned with the front spar and the central top to bottom join in the concrete) but a few feet to the rear. As the aircraft was preparing for takeoff, the 301 engines were run up and an HP turbine disc failed. The crew, which included an ATC cadet (whose parachute opened as he vacated the aircraft), escaped safely. 385 was delivered to No IX Squadron in April 1962. In October 1963, 385 was retrofitted to the Blue Steel role and re-engined with Olympus 301 engines. It was returned to service in October 1964. For some years the threshold of 05 at Scampton was displaced by 500ft until the runway had been repaired.

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