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Photograph by Bruce Woodruff
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Avro Vulcan B2 XM597 at the RAF Swinderby Open Day in 1983. 597 carried out Black Buck raids 5 and 6 firing Shrike ASMs against Argentine radar units in 1982. For these raids, the underside was painted dark sea grey, and the squadron badge (101) and the City of Lincoln crest on the tail were crudely painted out.

After 'Operation Corporate', the Falklands' Campaign, 597 was allocated to No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron. Though the new squadron badge was not applied, the Lincoln crest was. Other external changes made after Corporate were the replacing of an L-band jammer aerial on the forward position on the ECM plate by a third Red Shrimp aerial and the substitution of the tailcone by a darker one.

In December 1982, 597 was transferred to 50 Squadron where it served until April 1984 when it was delivered to the Scottish Museum of Flight.

Copyright © Bruce Woodruff

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