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Photograph by Bruce Woodruff
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Avro Vulcan K2 XH560 of No 50 Squadron at the Mildenhall Air Fete in May 1983. 560, then a B2 MRR, had served on No 27 Squadron at RAF Scampton until March 1982 when it was transferred to No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron at RAF Waddington with the intention of carrying on with MRR (maritime radio reconnaissance) duties. However, in June, 560 was returned to the manufacturers at Woodford to be converted to a Vulcan K2 single-point tanker and was allocated to No 50 Squadron in August. 560 carried out 50 Squadron's last in-flight refuelling sortie in March 1984 after which it soldiered on as a Display Flight spare at Waddington and Marham surviving until 1990. The nose section is preserved. Note the gloss camouflage (from the MMR days) and the unsightly HDU (hose drum unit) attached under the ECM bay.

Copyright © Bruce Woodruff

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