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Avro Vulcan B1 XA891. 891 was fitted with Olympus 6 (200 development) engines (with longer exhausts) at Filton in 1958 (after this photograph was taken). The following year and fitted with three Olympus 7 (201 development) engines and one Olympus 6 engine, and with a very non-standard electrical system of two engine-driven generators and two engine-driven alternators (one of which was rectified by an AC motor-DC generator in the bomb-bay — the other could be dummy loaded and was not part of the aircraft's electrical system), 891 crashed near Market Weighton after an electrical failure. Fortunately, the pilot had been able to gain height and the rear crew successfully abandoned the aircraft. Whilst diverting to Waddington, the electrics were finally lost and, out of control, the aircraft went into a flat spin. Both pilots sucessfully ejected.

Carmel J Attard collection. © BAE Systems (thanks to Ian Lowe, Woodford).

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