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Photograph by Andy Leitch
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Avro Vulcan B2 cockpit instruments during high-level cruise. The handle top left is the RAT (ram air turbine) release underneath which are the engine fire buttons. In the shaft of sunlight (clockwise spiral from top left) are flying control position indicators, compass switches, #4 JPT indicator (400 deg C), ASI (245 kts), Mk 29/30 altimeter (FL430), #s 4 & 3 RPM gauges (85%), TACAN indicator, brake parachute switches, autopilot trim indicator (the Smiths Mk 10B autopilot did not like an untrimmed [in pitch] aircraft and would jump out unless the trim wasn't kept within limits), #3 JPT, #s 3 & 4 fuel-flow 'dolls eyes'. In the gloom the machmeter reads M.86 and the artificial horizon [sic] shows level unbanked flight. This instrument was part of the Smiths MFS - Military Flight System (Mystery Fright System).
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