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Photograph by Andy Leitch
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Avro Vulcan B2 navigator plotter's station. The newer black box behind the map is, I think, the Decca Doppler 72 that provided groundspeed and drift and used a flat aerial under the port wing. Just to the left of the plotter's lamp is the groundspeed indicator which reads 450 knots (510 mph) so the photo must have been taken at high-level. Examination of the position indicator gives a position of 54 20N and 64(ish)W that corresponds with the edge of the Douglas protractor over an area that is now the Smallwood Reservoir, a few miles north of Churchill Falls in Labrador. The distinctive Labrador coast is readily recognised. As well as upsetting the native population and the environmentalists, the flooding of this area caused us problems at low-level as the lakes assumed a different shape from those printed on the maps.
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