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Photograph by Andy Leitch
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Avro Vulcan co-pilot's view of a Goose Bay low-level with SFOM bomb sight reflecting glass in position. The sight lines were focussed at infinity. Before the introduction of the sight (and my time), visual low-level aiming was much more trial and error. Even with the SFOM sight, its limited angle of depression meant that a time delay had to be introduced between pressing the bomb release button (the 'tit') and weapon release. Tables were used to give the sight depression and time delay required. A little more sophisticated than bands of Day-Glo around the probe - but not much! The accuracy with simulated releases assessed from the F95 vertical camera was not very good because the shallow angle of depression demanded precise height keeping. 28 lb practice bombs were seemingly more accurate because a high (= early) bomb release was largely compensated for by the greater forward throw (and vice-versa). The position is just a few minutes out of Goose, flying NE with Lake Melville off to the right.
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