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Photograph by Andy Leitch
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Nose-wheel door of Avro Vulcan B2 XJ784 photographed at Goose Bay in 1978. The 'zaps' were picked up at Goose and Trenton (Canadian International Air Show). The two Goose servicing teams' are obvious as are the Skyhawks' and 44 (R)'s own. The other three (F-18, F-15 Eagle, F-14 Tomcat) are of historical interest as three US manufacturers were vying to sell the CAF a new fighter with consequential courtesy suites at the Skyline Hotel in Toronto. (Crews commuted every day from Downsview by Cosmo.) The ultimate winner was the F-18, represented at the show by an XF-17 Cobra dressed up as a CAF F-18. The Day-Glo 'Martin-Baker' clips on the life jackets connected to survival packs. During the winter at Goose, the dingy in the pack was replaced with a combined parka/sleeping bag.
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