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Photograph by Andy Leitch
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Avro Vulcan B2 XL386 of No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron on Alpha Dispersal at RAF Waddington in 1978. An interesting feature of this aircraft is the X-band jammer fitted on the ECM bay doors (above the port main undercarriage door in this photograph). Introduced to counteract X-band AI radars, most late-production aircraft were fitted with the jammer around 1968. Initially the jammer had a single rearward facing aerial but these were subsequently replaced with two-headed jammers, one head pointing rearwards and another forwards. 386 was fitted with the earlier single-headed unit, possibly for training purposes (it served for a period on 230 OCU at Scampton), and retained it. With its toned-down paint scheme, 301 engines and single-headed X-band jammer, this aircraft would be identified as 386, even if its serial number were obscured. The aircraft on the left is XL388 and the aircraft on the right is XM652. Identifications courtesy Craig Bulman, author of The Vulcan B.Mk2 from a Different Angle >>
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