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Photograph by Andy Leitch
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Vulcan B2 XL444 of No 617 Squadron heading south flying down the eastern side of Haydon Bridge, South Tyne Valley, Northumberland. Treble-four was often known as 'Trouble-four'. Because fuel kept on leaking into the ECM bay at the back, all the ECM fuses were reputedly removed. As a B2 Blue Steel, 444 was delivered to No 27 Squadron in 1962 and pooled into the Scampton Wing the following year. In 1966, 444 was transferred to 230 OCU at RAF Finningley, possibly because it (like 443) initially lacked the bomb-bay fuel tanks that had fitted to the Blue Steel fleet though it returned to Scampton the following year. 444 was converted to free-fall in 1970, returning to Scampton where it flew on the OCU, 27 Squadron, 617 Squadon and 35 Squadron before being transferred to Waddington in 1981 where it served on IX Squadron until being scrapped the following year. 444's reputation is confirmed by Peter Silverthorne:

"I remember XL444 very well as a member of the maintenance crew from 1979 - 1982. I served on 35 squadron and 444 affectionally known as 'Trembling Whore' always gave us the most trouble keeping her in the air. It was not always the most popular choice for extended operations and I do remember one cold Christmas Eve night welcoming her back from Goose Bay. As the bomb doors opened on shutdown, it rained Christmas presents including a very nice but broken rocking horse onto the pan. The bomb bay carriers were full to overflow with 'extras'!"

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