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Photograph by Andy Leitch
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Avro Vulcan B2 XL317 of No 617 Squadron at RAF Cottesmore in 1975. The swept-back UHF aerial behind the bomb-aimer's window was later replaced with an unswept one, painted yellow. The interim paint scheme where the black H2S radome was repainted to match the remainder of the aircraft (gloss olive/medium sea grey camouflage upper surfaces with white undersurface) was locally applied to a few aircraft in the mid-70s that had not yet been given a matt finish at St Athan during major servicing. Note how the light grey paint above the radome has faded. 317 was the first production Vulcan built to carry the Blue Steel stand-off bomb (the development work was carried out using modified B1 XA903 and modified B2s XH538/9) and was the first Vulcan ordered as a B2 — the XH and XJ B2s were originally ordered as B1s. 317 was accepted by the Ministry of Aviation (presumably for A&AEE trials) in July 1961 and delivered to No 617 Squadron at Scampton in June 1962. Pooled into the Scampton Wing in 1964, 317 was converted to the free-fall role in 1971 and remained at Scampton with No 617 Squadron until 1981 when it was flown to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus for crash rescue training.

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