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Vulcan B1 XA903 demonstrating the Olympus 593 (Concorde) engine at the Farnborough Air Show. 903 first flew with the 593 on September 9 1966 which was the Thursday of Farnborough week. Consequently the engine was not actually running during the displays that year. 903 also appeared at the 1968 show. That was the year Bristol Siddeley Engines Limited became the Bristol Engine Division of Rolls-Royce. Since a R-R logo can be made out on 903's 593 nacelle, the photograph must have been taken at Farnborough 1968.

iIt is frequently claimed that the only thing the Vulcan and Concorde Olympuses had in common was the the name. This is somewhat disingenuous as each variant was developed from a previous one and there is a very definite family tree (or more accurately trees - military and civilian with connected branches). Though the Olympus was only flown on the Vulcan, TSR2 and Concorde (and air tested on the Canberra and Ashton), there were a considerable number of other projects, both military and civilian for which variants of the Olympus were proposed and developed as well as marine and industrial applications.

L Braithwaite collection. © Rolls-Royce.

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