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A letter seeking information about bomb-bay tanks that I sent to Avro Heritage at Woodford put me in touch with members of the 603 Club, answered my questions and resulted in a CD ROM of images of XM603, the Avro Vulcan B2 preserved by the Club at Woodford.

XM603 was delivered in December 1963 to No IX Squadron and was shortly merged into the Coningsby Wing. The Wing moved to Cottesmore in November 1964. In January 1968, 603 was exchanged with the Waddington Wing. When squadron servicing was assumed, 603 was allocated to No 50 Squadron in August 1975, No 101 Squadron in December 1980 and No 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron in July 1981. When up for disposal, 603 was bought by British Aerospace for preservation at Woodford. A decision was made to return 603 as much as possible to the state in which it left Woodford in 1963.

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