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RAF Finningley circa 1965 with an Avro Vulcan B1, a B1A, and a B2 in the same photograph. On the left is B1A XA907 of the Bomber Command Development Unit. On the right is B1 XA901 of A Flight No 230 OCU and on the runway in the background is a B2, probably of B Flight No 230 OCU. By this time, only two B1s remained in RAF service. B1s from XA904 onwards were delivered with Olympus 102 engines (which became 104s on modification) and were converted to B1As (apart from XA908 that had been written-off). The earlier B1s (with Olympus 101 engines) delivered to the RAF were XA895 (became the prototype B1A), XA896 (to Bristol Siddeley), XA897 (crashed at Heathrow), XA898 (to Halton, 1964), XA900 and XA901. The last two remained at Finningley until 1966 when 900 was delivered to Cosford and 901 to Cranwell. The white B1 above is identified as 901 because it lacks the upper UFH aerial fitted to 900.

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