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This is a much-used publicity photograph of nine free-fall Avro Vulcan B2s of Nos 83 and 27 Squadrons and No 230 OCU lined up on the disused runway at RAF Scampton in 1961. Aircraft No 1 is XJ782 (note the commanding officer's pennant between the squadron crest and intake); No 2 is XJ783; No 3 (with shallow engine intakes) is XH554 and No 4 is XH563 (Nos 1-4 all of No 83 Squadron with the squadron crest behind the roundel). Aircraft No 5 is XJ823 of No 27 Squadron (elephant on the fin). No 6 is XH558 of No 230 OCU. Nos 7 to 9 are thought to be XH562, XH561 and XH559 respectively of No 230 OCU. Both Nos 83 and 27 squadrons exchanged their aircraft for B2 Blue Steels in 1962/3 and their existing aircraft were transferred to No 230 OCU or the Coningsby Wing that was then forming. Identifications courtesy Craig Bulman, author of The Vulcan B.Mk2 from a Different Angle >>

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