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Avro Vulcan B2 Blue Steel XL360 of the Scampton Wing. 360 was delivered to No 617 Squadron in 1962 and was subsequently pooled into the Scampton Wing. One of the last Vulcans with Blue Steel fit, 360 was converted to free-fall (either 21 x 1000lb conventional bombs or 1 x WE177 nuclear bomb) in 1971 and returned to Scampton where it served briefly with No 617 Squadron before being allocated to No 230 OCU. 360 was transferred back to No 617 Squadron in 1977 and allocated to No 35 Squadron in 1978 and No 101 and 44 (Rhodesia) Squadrons in 1982. 360 was retired to the Midland Air Museum in 1983 where it remains on display.

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